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Speak Out: Kimball bridge needs new guard rail, bring back mental health institutions, one vice still needs state tax

Despite what the Parents’ Guide column said, "Rocketman" is an R-rated movie and not something that's a good choice for kids, one Speak Out commenter says.

Weekly weekend carnage: It’s (June 10), and I’m watching Superintendent Eddie Johnson of the Chicago Police Department talk about the carnage over the weekend in Chicago. I‘ve been out visiting some relatives, and I was telling them every Monday morning it’s a Chicago event to see how many people were killed over the weekend. It’s not really news. It’s routine information. What it really is is people violence with guns. It’s not the guns. You have very serious societal problems in Chicago that need to be corrected. We need to take action with the people to stop the violence.

Another way to make money: I see the Illinois state lawmakers forgot to legalize one more thing to help raise money. Let’s legalize prostitution to make this state a real sewer.


“Rocketman” not for kids: I’m shocked by the Courier’s Parents’ Guide column advising parents the movie about Elton John titled “Rocketman,” rated R, is OK for kids to see. If they can handle homosexual effects, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll, it could be “quite inspiring and illuminating.” Surely, there must be better choices parents can make than this garbage.

Greatest generation: Could Americans accomplish today what the what the men and women on D-Day did 75 years ago? They had just survived the Great Depression. They were forced into a war with the two most powerful enemies this world has ever known. Today, our heroes are sports figures. Our women rally for abortion rights. Our respect goes not to God but to gay pride parades. And we are enjoying greater prosperity ever.


Reopen mental institutions: When is the government of Illinois and the United States going to realize it’s time to reopen mental institutions for all these people running around who are supposed to be taking medication and aren’t taking them? You read about it in the paper. They are hurting people or killing people.

Repair Kimball bridge: When is Elgin going to replace the guardrails on the Kimball Street bridge? It had yellow tape around it that fell off. It doesn’t feel safe having the railing off. Please fix it.

A little advice to POTUS: President Trump, do you see what you have to do to become a billionaire like Jay Z? You just have to work hard and be honest. You can get there. Be a good boy. Just work hard, and you’ll become a billionaire. Stop trying to be a crook.

Don’t want to pay: I have zero interest in sports, yet I pay a mandatory $8.25 a month on my Comcast bill for regional sports. Now, it appears the new Cubs channel wants to add another $4 to that bill each month. I feel those who want to watch it should pay for it just like HBO.

Assisted suicide: Now states are trying to legalize medically assisted suicide for the terminally ill. They are going to use the term “a person’s right to do what they want with their own body.” Where have we heard that before?