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(Primary Website: MCALL) Willie Wilson announces run for Chicago mayor. Lightfoot responds: ‘It’s that season. People are going to jump in.’

Millionaire businessman and mayoral candidate Willie Wilson prepares to announce that he will run for mayor of Chicago, and also answered questions from reporters during press conference at his condo overlooking the lake in Chicago, Monday, April 11, 2022. (Antonio Perez/ Chicago Tribune)

Businessman Willie Wilson will run for Chicago mayor in the 2023 election, adding a second declared candidate to a growing field of potential challengers to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, he declared Monday.

“The city’s in horrible condition. So we got to change,” Wilson told the Tribune, vowing to “spend whatever it takes” to get elected.


Announcing his candidacy at a news conference in the ritzy downtown high-rise where he lives, Wilson promised to focus on crime and education.

“I don’t need to run for mayor to get a paycheck. My wanting to do this is to serve communities,” Wilson said. “We want to bring all races, creeds and colors together.”